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Beautiful In His Sight

A Review

I recently read the latest book by author April Gardner, who has become one of my current favourites. BEAUTIFUL IN HIS SIGHT was especially satisfying because of the slight personal connection I felt for the book. It is set in 1917 Halifax, and chronicles the devastating explosion that ruined the city and rocked the war torn world of the day. My own maternal grandmother was from Nova Scotia, and although she moved ‘out west’ to teach on the prairies in August of 1917, (just four months before the blast), I remember her recounting details of the devastating event  as told to her by relatives who lived nearby. Here is my review of the book:

REVIEW: This exquisite historical romance is set in 1917 Halifax before, during, and after the devastating explosion that ruined the city and sent shock waves around an already terrorized and war torn world. In the midst of tragedy and turmoil, two unlikely characters find each other. Helen and Silas, both weary from personal pain and haunting pasts, manage to find love and redemption in this deeply moving tale. Author April Gardner has done it again – written a book that will stay with you long after the last words are read, full of satisfying motivation and authentic historical situations.  


  1. William Kendall says:

    Good review!

    1. tracykrauss says:

      I enjoyed it. Good Canadian content, too.

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