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Welcome to the official website of authorLooking for gritty, thought-provoking faith-based fiction? You’ve come to the right place! Contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and a touch of humour… Fiction on the edge without crossing the line. 

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An archaeologist’s life is threatened when he finds dinosaur and human remains buried together.

Sure to spark discussion no matter one's beliefs...

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Whispering Winds – Book 3 in the Marshdale Series

Tanzi Lone Wolf is a strong independent woman, at least on the surface. Part of her armor includes never letting anyone get close. But fate has other ideas. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down, while increasing family struggles, including her brother’s wrongful imprisonment, have her living on a knife’s edge. Can she undo the shackles of her childhood trauma and allow love in?WHISPERING WINDS is the third book in the WIND OVER MARSHDALE Series, following Tanzi Lone Wolf’s journey of healing and her quest for the acceptance that only God can give.

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Take your time and browse! You’ll find lots of options in the menu bar including more about me, a list of ALL my books and plays, some fun ‘booktalks’, my blog, and lots more. (Under ‘More’ you’ll find links to my Media Kit, CV, social media profiles, media appearances… Phew!) You get the idea. Check it out! Below are just a few selections.