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The laughs never end... hilarious and fun!

The laughs never end in this zany Monty Python-esque farce. The pompous, narcissistic King William II has decided to travel the world accompanied by a snarky liege, a ridiculous yes-man with terrible pick-up lines, and an overzealous executioner who inexplicably shows up at the most opportune times. Along the way, the travelers meet a generic Canadian Prime Minister, some American gun-toting hillbillies, a penguin in Antarctica, a Vegemite-eating crocodile hunter in Australia, and the Supreme Ruler of Korea in the North who likes to brag about his golf game and his cardboard missiles. Trip “highlights” include hitting an iceberg at sea, mistaking baguettes for swords in France, eating raw food in Tokyo, drinking turpentine-tasting coffee in Russia, and the unexpected arrival of a zombie horde in England. Easy to stage with scene-stealers for everyone in the cast!

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Big Dog Plays

Co-written by the cast of the original production, this play zings with wit and humour.

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King William Travels the World


Available exclusively at:
Big Dog Plays