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Media & Online Coverage

A selection of feature interviews, podcasts and other media appearances

The following is a sample of various media coverage and online appearances. It is not meant to be all-inclusive. Efforts have been made to keep the page current, but some links may have disappeared or been moved.

Radio, TV, podcasts and more! 

Entrepreneurs Write interviewed by Ruth L Snyder – June 24, 2021

Indie Author Connection Guest with Ivo Lettercast – July 2, 2021

Write Stuff International with Parker J. Cole – April 27, 2021

Hope Stream Radio interview – ‘Writing Books and Plays‘ Sept 24, 2015

The G- Zone – June 25, 2015

The G-Zone – May 19, 2015

The G-Zone – December 18, 2014

The G-Zone – November 25, 2014

The G-Zone – Oct. 9, 2014 

The G-Zone – September 23, 2014

The G-Zone – August 28, 2014

The G-Zone – July 21, 2014

The G-Zone – June 19 , 2014

The G- Zone – Simulcast talking about Colony Zero and Neighbors

The G Zone – COLONY ZERO Authors – May 7, 2014

The G-Zone – Tracy Krauss Returns to the G Zone – August 6, 2013

WIND OVER MARSHDALE  releases as an audio book

Blogtalk radio interview at ‘It Matters’ with Monica Brinkman – Dec. 6, 2013

Blogtalk radio interview at Author Chat with Lynda Brown – Oct 20, 2012

Guest on Elaine Raco Chase’s radio show ‘The Author’s Corner‘. Oct 11, 2012

Guest on The Kevin Zimmerman Show – Àrtist First Radio Network` – Sept. 13, 2012 (archived show 9-13-12)

The G-Zone blogtalk radio show – aired Dec. 30, 2011

CJCD TV – “Peace Country Presents– aired Sept. 8, 2011

CBC Radio Northbeat: interview with Carolina DeRyk – June 2011, and Nov 1, 2011.

Blogtalk radio interview at ‘Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

Blogtalkradio interview with Lynda Brown – 2011- at ‘Author Chat’


Newspaper and Print Media 

Alaska Highway News, April 21, 2017 – Writers’ Wordshop Coming to FSJ

Alaska Highway News, March 12, 2014

Tumbler Ridge News – March 2014 – The God’s Themselves…

Tumbler Ridge News – June 2013 – King William Travels the World

Tumbler Ridge News – ‘What Would King William Do?’ – May 2013

Tumbler Ridge News – feature on ‘The Western Tale’ – December, 2013

Moose Jaw Times Herald – August 22, 2012 – FYI page 8

Tumbler Ridge News – July 2012

Tumbler Ridge News – March 2012

Tumbler Ridge News – May 19, 2011:

Tumbler Ridge News – Dec. 9, 2009

The Arts Beat – Dec 09/ Jan 10

The ‘Northeast News’ – Feb. 10, 2011 (page 26)

The Northeast News – Dec. 2009 (link currently unavailable)

The Dawson Creek Mirror – Jan. 2010

BC BookWorld feature – Spring 2011

Saskatoon Star Phoenix – July 2011



National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2011- finalists for both MAN-EATER and AND THE BEAT GOES ON

WIND OVER MARSHDALE – finalist in the 2013 ‘Grace Awards’  Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Grace Awards 2012 – WIND OVER MARSHDALE winner in Romantic suspense category

Selected guest posts

Guest on Christina Sinisi’s blog – August 15, 2021

Guest post at ‘A Thyme for Writers‘ – November 16, 2017

Guest post at Elaine Stock’s blog –  Everyone’s Story

Guest post “What is the value of networking with other authors” at Joanne Troppello’s blog. 

Guest post at ‘Reflections In Hindsight’ –

Guest post: ‘Creative As God Is Creative’ at ‘The Odd Duck Society’

Guest post at Lynny Prince’s blog. 

Feature and guest post at Leigh DeLozier’s blog  

Guest post Friday March 16, 2012 – Rose McCauley’s blog  

Guest post Reader’s Realm – Authentic Characters – June 14, 2012

Guest Post – ‘Lessons From a Frog’ at Bonnie Way’s ‘The Kola Bear Writer – July 9, 2012

Guest post at Astraea Press  ‘Tracy Krauss on Wind Over Marshdale’ – August 13, 2012

Guest post on Tiffany Stockton’s blog ‘A Fictional Life‘ – August 31, 2012

Guest Editorial in the Wordsmith Journal – Nov. 2012 issue

Who in their right mind wants to be a writer?’ – Guest post Nov. 29, 2012 on ‘Guided Girls’

Guest post on ‘Read Between The Lines” – Why I DON’T Write – Jan. 15, 2013

Inscribe April – These Feet Were Made For Writing 

Childhood Memories Shape Setting – Kelly Martin’s blog – May, 2014

The Search For Meaning In Fiction – July, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Being a Chameleon – September 24, 2015


Blog and Ezine Interviews and Features

Interview and feature at The Inspired Pen – November 7, 2017

Interview on Janice Dick’s blog: August 22, 2017.

Review of NEIGHBOURS 2 by Violet Nesdoly, August 14, 2017

Interview at Hallee Bridgeman’s blog April 10, 2014

Examiner Interview Part 1 with Cendrine Marrouat 

Examiner feature Part 2 with Cendrine Marrouat 

Examiner feature – Man-Eater with Cendrine Marrouat 

Memphis Examiner – And The Beat Goes On

Interview at Queen City Quill

Interview at Author Eddie Snipes blog:

Interview at Amanda Stephan’s blog:

Interview at Rose McCauley’s blog:

Interview at Ashley Wintters blog:

Interview at Bernard Boulton’s blog:

Interview at Sid Frost’s blog:Interview at Jami’s Reviews –

Reference at Pentalk:

Interview at ‘Dallas Woodburn’s Writing Life:

Interview at Noah Arsenault’s blog :

Interview at “Fiction With Faith

Feature at Pamela Thibodeaux’s ‘Wild Rose’ blog –

AND THE BEAT GOES ON feature at ‘Inspirational E-books’ –

Featured author at ‘Koala Bear Writer’ –

AND THE BEAT GOES ON  feature at K. Dawn Byrd’s Blog 

Interview at ‘Dames of Dialogue’ re: And The Beat Goes On 

Interview with Deanna Jewel – And The Beat Goes On 

Interview at The Butterfly Journey –

Interview at ‘Reads Reviews and Recommends –

Guest Article and feature with Stacy Juba 

Feature at ‘A Pen For Your Thoughts’ MAN-EATER –

Interview with Pastor Bobby – AND THE BEAT 

Interview with Pastor Bobby – MAN-EATER 

Koala Bear Writer’ features MAN-EATER –

Feature at ‘Faith Fiction Friends’ MAN-EATER 

Feature on ‘Clash of the Titles’ –

Clash of the Titles Interview –

Writing For Christ’ interview and feature –

Feature at ‘Brookside Reviews’ –

Interview at ‘Universe In Words’ –

MAN-EATER feature and interview with Deanna Jewel –

MAN-EATER feature at K. Dawn Byrd’s blog 

Interview at ‘My Book Bag’ with Delia Latham –

Interview at Lynn Dove’s Journey thoughts 

Freado interview 

Interview and feature with Nona King –

Feature at ‘On the Soul of a Vampire‘ –

Feature at Eliza Earsman’s blog

Interview at ‘Enjoying the Writing Craft‘ –

Interview at ‘The Write Chris’ –

Interview at ‘Reflections In Hindsight’ –

Interview at Lorilyn Roberts blog –

Excerpt and feature at ‘The Christian Bookmobile‘ –

Interview with the ‘Giveaway Gal’ –

Spotlight at Pamela Thibodeaux’s blog –

Spotlight at ‘ECFL Blog Festival’

Feature at Strategic ‘Author Success Stories’

Interview at ‘Peering through Life’s Window” 

Interview at Karen Baney’s blog 

Interview at Marcy Dyer’s blog ‘Roller Coaster Suspense

Feature interview at Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Journey

Feature on Word Salt by Lynn Dove – Part 1

Feature and Interview on ‘Word Salt‘ by Lynn Dove – Part 2

Interview at Jim Callan’s blog  

Interview at Deanna Jewel’s blog – PLAY IT AGAIN –

Interview at Katharine Harms blog ‘Books On Tilt’  

Feature at Carol Brown’s blog -AND THE BEAT GOES ON

Feature at Ashley Wintters blog ATBGO

Feature and Interview at Anita Estes blog –

Another two features with Carol Brown

Chapter One of ‘BEAT’ 

Feature at Janet Eckles blog

Feature at Kimberley Payne’s blog – ATBGO

Interview at Kenneth Winters blog

Feature ATBGO at Tom Blubaugh’s blog

Canadian Christians Who Write – Interview Part One 

Canadian Christians Who Write – Interview Part Two

Interview at ‘Readers Realm’

Feature at ‘New Christian Books – WIND OVER MARSHDALE –

Feature interview at Eagles Nest Adventures in Writing

Feature at Inklings with Laura Sanders

Feature on Laura Davis blog ‘Interviews and Reviews’

Interview at Iris Blobel’s blog – WIND OVER MARSHDALE

Guest interview at Nell Dixon’s blog. 

Interview and feature at Jessie Andersen’s READ BETWEEN THE LINES 

Interview at LIFT YOU UP 

Feature at ‘Creative Hodgepodge’ with Patricia Gordon

Interview and excerpt at Rose McCauley’s blog

Supe fun interview “WOM Blowing Your Way’ at ‘The Scribes” with Katy Lee –

Another feature at Rose McCauley’s blog!

Interview at Lindsay Down’s ‘Murder and Mystery’ blog

Interesting interview at Marlayne Giron’s blog ‘Psalm 45:1 

Feature and Interview on ‘A Dragon’s Love

Feature at Rachel Van Dyken’s ‘Delicious Romance by Rachel’  

Feature at Lisa Orchard’s blog. 

Feature and excerpt on Joselyn Vaughn’s blog  

Feature and excerpt on Meg Mim’s ‘Double Crossing’ August 29, 2012

Featured books on The Wordsmith Journal – WIND OVER MARSHDALE -Sept. issue

Featured on ‘The Write Trail’ – Tom Blubaugh’s blog – Sept. 4, 2012

Feature on Cendrine MarrouatsStorify`– Sept. 2012

Blog exchange with Donna Fletcher Crow – Sept 10, 2012

‘Red Tash’ feature – Oct 10, 2012

Interview on ‘American Christian Fiction Authors’ – October

WIND OVER MARSHDALE showcase on ‘Inspirational Ebooks’.  

Anti-bullying feature on ‘Just My Opinion’ – showcasing ‘Little Red in the Hood’

WIND OVER MARSHDALE  showcased for Halloween at Nike Chillemi’s blog – Oct. 2012

Interview on Karen McCullough’s blog – October 24, 2012

Interview at Maryann Miller’s blog ‘It’s Not All Gravy’ Oct. 31, 2012

Feature at ‘Novel Books’ – Nov. 3, 2012

Feature on the John 3:16 Marketing Network ‘Fearless Fridays’ – Nov 2, 2012

Interview at Brummet’s Conscious Blog – Nov. 17, 2012

Interview at the ‘Grace Awards’ – part of the 2012 Grace filled Christmas Blog Tour –  

WIND OVER MARSHDALE in top reads for 2012  

WIND OVER MARSHDALE in top ten on ‘Word Salt’  

Authors to Watch’ – at Marcy Dyer’s blog

Author feature in March 2013 WORDSMITH JOURNAL

On Lynn Spangler’s blog  

Writing tips – ‘Interviews and Reviews’  

WIND OVER MARSHDALE featured on John 3:16 MN Awards post.

My testimony at Naomi Musch’s blog –  

Carson Craig’s blog – June 19, 2013

Interview at ‘Sleuths and Suspects’

Interview at Write Moments With God 

Gelatiscoop – Feature of New In the Neighborhood

Kimberley Payne’s Blog

Lester Tibbett interview on Gelatiscoop

John 3:16 Marketing Network – NEIGHBORS Feature

I’m the Gridiron Granny’s guest – Oct 24, 2014

WIND OVER MARSHDALE feature on ‘Christian Writer Group’ blog – November 25, 2014

Grace Awards Feature Dec. 2014

Interview on ‘Lost in the Pages’ with Grace Yee

Feature and Excerpt from LEGACY. 

Keep the JOY Alive – June 2015

Grace Awards Summer Book Bash – July 23, 2015

Paula Rose’s blog – July 23, 2015

Calgary – A Neighborly City – Aug, 2015


Featured advertisements:

Author page – The Wordsmith Journal – 

Christian Books and Bible Stories –Romance category

Christian Books and Bible Stories – And the Beat Goes On 

Christian Books and Bible Stories – My Mother the Man-Eater    

‘Songs From the Word’ NEW CHRISTIAN BOOKS – And The Beat Goes On

‘Songs From the Word’ NEW CHRISTIAN BOOKS –  My Mother the Man-Eater 

Apex Feature – Wind Over Marshdale

The Vessel Project – Wind Over Marshdale

 And The Beat Goes On

– Play It Again

– My Mother the Man-Eater

– Author Page

Crossreads – Feb/March 2013 

‘Addicted to eBooks’ – WIND OVER MARSHDALE

Bookfun Magazine – April 2014 – page 111 – ‘Backstage Drama’

Bookfun Magazine – May 2014 – page 101 – ‘One Purpose’

Bookfun Magazine – June 2014 – page 101 – ‘Learning To Be Myself’

Bookfun Magazine – July 2014 – page 95 – ‘Road Trips’

Bookfun Magazine – August 2014 – page 163 – ‘A Pivotal Point In Time’

Helping Hands Press – August, 2015


Reviews (MORE REVIEWS AT:  http://www.amazon.com/author/tracykrauss )

Christian Indie Book REviews: AND THE BEAT GOES ON



Reader’s Favorite Review – AND THE BEAT GOES ON

Reader’s Favorite Review MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER 

The Wordsmith Journal –  WIND OVER MARSHDALE

Review of MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER at Delia Latham’s blog –

Summit Book Review of MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER

Review of AND THE BEAT GOES ON at ‘A Book And A Dish’ 

Review of AND THE BEAT GOES ON at the Phantom Paragrapher –

Review at The Book Buff – AND THE BEAT GOES ON –

Review of AND THE BEAT GOES ON at Jan Marie’s blog: 

Review of MAN-EATER on ‘A Book And A Dish’ with Martha Cheves 

Review of MAN-EATER at ‘Universe In Words’ –

MAN-EATER Review at ‘Reviews by Molly’ –

PLAY IT AGAIN – 5 star review by Michelle Sutton at ‘Healing Hearts’ Book Review Blog 

PLAY IT AGAIN review by Janet Sketchley  

PLAY IT AGAIN review at ‘Reflections In Hindsight’ with Lisa Lickel

Featured new book – PLAY IT AGAIN – at ‘New Christian Books’ 

PLAY IT AGAIN review at ‘Reflections in Hindsight”

Krisi Keley – review of Play it Again – http://www.onthesoulofavampire.com/valerysvoiceblog/?p=1034

Review of Play It Again at ‘Books By Joy’ –

First review of WIND OVER MARSHDALE 

I love this review of MARSHDALE by violet Nesdoly

BC Book Critics review of MARSHDALE

MARSHDALE review at Ruth Snyder’s blog  

AND THE BEAT GOES ON – reviewed by Traci Bonney

WIND OVER MARSHDALE – Michelle Sutton reviewer

Nona King reviewed WIND OVER MARSHDALE

First Wild Card reviews: Loren , Maureen,  Brenda,  Nancy, 

‘More than A Review


WIND OVER MARSHDALE on the Crime Fictionista 

* This is only a selection of online appearances and press coverage.