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...at once heartwarming and heartbreaking

Fifty years on the highways of North America taught Gilles Goddard many lessons about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness – all recounted in a delightful, yet candid narrative sure to touch your heart. Gilles, a long-haul trucker and former marine, persevered through life with a smile on his face and a story on his lips. His extraordinary faith has produced a generosity and kindness of heart not often seen, despite great personal tragedy. Amidst five heart attacks, the loss of two children, and other personal tragedy, he’s also witnessed miraculous supernatural intervention. Through his memoirs, Gilles hopes to encourage others to “keep on truckin’” no matter what life throws at you.

“We don’t have to live there, even if we never forget…”

 The surprisingly delightful, sometimes heartbreaking, always candid memoir of a long-haul trucker


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