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Family blood runs deep, but only one blood transforms...

Blood Ties

Socialite Cherise Hillyer has a terrible track record with men. When she falls for cowboy Blue Shepherd, she knows it will only be a matter of time before her wandering eye turns elsewhere, so she abruptly ends the relationship. Blue’s rebound turns out to be a vengeful woman who threatens to ruin his life when he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Meanwhile, Cherise and her brother Dirk get drawn into a drug smuggling operation while volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico. Through their trials, all three learn that human love is no substitute for the unconditional love of God. This sequel to THREE STRAND CORD follows the lives of three characters tied by blood as they search for true love amidst danger, intrigue, and their own human frailty.

Cherise’s wandering eye makes it difficult for her to trust her own heart when it comes to handsome cowboy Blue Shepherd. Her playboy brother Dirk must also make some tough choices about his own lack of commitment when he uncovers a drug smuggling operation while working at an orphanage in Mexico. We met all three characters in book one, but meet them on a deeper level in this instalment.

This is the second book in the Three Strand Cord Series which chronicles the lives of  three lifelong friends – Tempest, Stella and Cherise. Also check out book three – Tempest Tossed which rounds out the series.

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All three books in the series now available as a boxed set!