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Neighbours Boxed Set Series 1 & 2

With romance, intrigue, humor and a touch of the unexpected, the twists and turns just keep coming in this combined collection from the NEIGHBOURS Series. Set in Calgary, Alberta a quirky cast of characters who live in the same apartment building become entangled in one another’s lives as they navigate some tricky situations. There’s Lester, former rodeo cowboy, his wilful teenage sister Patsi, Jed Malloy, a rough around the edges good ole’ boy from Newfoundland and so many more. Multi-cultural and interracial relationships smash any stereotypes, while the underlying faith-based message lets us know people are just people no matter their background. Enjoy the ride and welcome to the neighbourhood!

This combined ebook also contains BONUS MATERIAL!

Recipes, Interviews, and more are all included in this omnibus version!