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There Goes the Neighbourhood – Neighbours Volume 9

NS1V9Lester puts on a brave face for the bull riding competition, but can he survive the physical punishment after his near brush with death? Sherri Chan and her brother Sherman confront their mother one more time, but if they can’t convince her to recant, it could be the end of their family. Steve Russell uncovers the truth in the Nudara Oil scandal, but not before he and friend Vinny Kirkpatrick face another menacing figure. Add a few more romantic twists as well as some friendly competition between Jacques the bartender and the always colourful Jed Malloy, and you’ve got a delightful recipe for comedy, drama, romance and fun. In this last instalment of the NEIGHBOURS Series, all your favourite characters from the neighbourhood come together for a final farewell – but not before Jed’s brother Zeb appears on the scene. With more Malloys set to arrive, the only thing left to say is, “There Goes the Neighbourhood!


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