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A Polar Bear Fairy Story

Exposing Evolution for the Fairytale It Is

We lived for several years in Churchill, Manitoba, rightly known as “the Polar Bear Capital of the World”. Real, live, wild, in-the-flesh polar bears roam into town each fall, and if you didn’t know, these predators are hungry! Human beings look like tasty snacks to them! The threat is taken seriously. Not only is the town patrolled twenty-four-seven, but residents know to scan the area and check under the front steps before leaving the house.

Another thing Churchill is known for is the COLD. If polar bears like to hang out there, you know it’s one of the coldest places on Earth! Not only are the temperatures extreme, but the wind is extreme, too. I’ve lived in a lot of places in the far north, but Churchill is by far the coldest, bone-chilling-est I’ve experienced!

I remember this one winter storm. The snow was swirling to the point that we couldn’t see across the street and the wind was howling outside the door. In the morning when we looked out our window, the snow and ice had drifted into this perfectly formed ice castle. It was at least 100 feet tall and was complete with windows, doors, a grand staircase, and spires. It sparkled in the sunlight just like in a fairytale.

Wait… What?!

At what point did you realize there was something just a little too crazy to be true? Most of it IS true. I did live in Churchill, and yes, it IS the polar bear capital of the world. The temperatures are extreme and I experienced wicked blizzards while living there.

But a giant, perfectly sculpted ice castle? It just isn’t plausible. It’s ridiculous!

Yet… many people believe in something just as ludicrous: EVOLUTION.

While the above scenario sounds ridiculous, many people scoff when confronted with evidence that the universe was created by an intelligent designer – as if that’s the fairytale.

It’s a topic that piqued my interest and it’s why I wrote Conspiracy of Bones. In the book, an archaeologist finds remains of dinosaurs and humans buried together which sparks a hailstorm of skeptics and cover-ups. It was my way of addressing the issue and trying to shed some light on the truth of creation. You can read more about the book by clicking on the link in the title.

FYI, Conspiracy of Bones just so happens to be free right now if you sign up for my newsletter, so if you haven’t done that, I invite you to go to the “home” page and check it out.

I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the creation vs evolution debate?

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