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A Time to Face Our Fears

Grace Fox Keynote #3

This is the final post in a series based on keynote addresses given by author Grace Fox at InScribe’s 2022 Fall Conference. The theme of the conference was “Write in Season” and this address was called “A Time to Face Our Fears”. Enjoy!

We have so many fears. So many “What ifs”, most of which are negative. We must go back to our call as writers. Acknowledge the fear and then do it afraid.

Here are some points to ponder:
  1. When God calls us, He gives us God-sized tasks. God may call us to something that is humanly impossible so we must depend on Him.

2. When God calls us, He equips us. You’ve heard the saying, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called”. Pray and ask God to equip you. The woman in the Old Testament with the jars kept filling them with oil. She didn’t stop until she ran out of jars! If your creative well is running dry, ask God to fill those jars!

3. When God calls us, He cares for us. He will look after us and look after the details if it is part of His call. Lay it out before God and He will provide.

4. When God calls us, He directs the outcome. Listen to God’s voice. His outcomes might be different or even bigger than we’ll know. Jesus commands our destiny!

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