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Smashes the stereotypes and lets us know that ultimately, people are just people.

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Look out! The Malloys are back and they’ve taken over the neighbourhood! Series 1’s favourite son, Jed Malloy, is a down-home boy from Newfoundland who’s a bit rough around the edges. His colourful and sometimes raucous siblings – Bo, Reba, Pip, Will, and Zeb – join him one by one in the city of Calgary, Alberta. There’s plenty of laughter, romance, and a few surprises, as the Malloys fight, love and laugh with equal intensity. In the midst of the surprises, a greater grace than any one of them ever expected comes to call: The love that only God can give.

More about each individual volume – just click the link!

Neighbourhood Tangle – Vol 1 – JED
Neighbourhood Watch – Vol 2 – BO
Neighbourhood Rebel – Vol 3 – REBA
Neighbourhood Upstart – Vol 4 – PIP
Neighbourhood Freedom – Vol 5 – WILL
Neighbourhood Cupid – Vol 6 – ZEB
Neighbourhood Wrap – Vol 7 – FINALE

Note to readers: This series, although labelled ‘Christian’, does contain elements that may be troubling to some readers.

NEIGHBOURS 1 & 2 are available in a Boxed Set!


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