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Celebrate July!

Canada Day, The Fourth of July, and BIRTHDAYS GALORE!

My daughter and father on their shared birthday – possibly 2011

July is ‘celebration month’, there is no doubt. It’s definitely the ‘birthday month’ in my family. There are five birthdays in my immediate family alone. (two granddaughters, two daughters, and a son-in-law), I have a brother born in July, several nieces and nephews (four if I’m not forgetting anyone…) and before my father and grandmother passed, theirs were added to the list. In fact, one of my daughters was born on my father’s birthday and they enjoyed that special bond for many years until he passed in 2012.

Then of course, today is Canada Day – the ‘birthday’ of the wonderful country of my birth. (It also happens to be my great niece’s birthday – she gets fire works every year for her big day.)

Summer is a great time to celebrate, and my family does, especially in July. We always try to take in the special events on Canada Day – parades, pancake breakfasts, games in the park, and of course, those fire works. (No, they aren’t just for you, Hazel – even though you’re pretty awesome!)

Anyway, this is me wishing everyone a very special celebration day, which ever day you choose. (Here’s to my American friends on their big day on the 4th.) God bless!


  1. William Kendall says:

    I hope you had a good Canada Day. It was busy here.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      I’m sure it always is in Ottawa. We have fond memories of our one Canada Day spent in Ottawa.

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