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I’m Back!

First 'new' post after a medical hiatus

Yes, it’s been awhile. But “I’m ba-a-ck…” and itching to resume ‘normal’, whatever that is.

My eye surgery in February went well, but I was forced into using ‘speech to text’ and other accessibility options for almost two months, bowing out of some of my responsibilities and getting extra help with others. Even after my sight started to return, it was difficult (and sometimes painful) to spend too much time on the computer since I had to get about three inches away from the screen.

But those days are over! I’ve got new glasses and I’m ready to get back to some writing, specifically editing BLOOD TIES. (Still, you say?!) Yes. My best laid plans to have it and the third book in the THREE STRAND CORD series published by the end of 2018 have obviously gone by the wayside. Life happens. Maybe by the end of 2019? Not making any promises…

Speaking of life, I’ve also been blessed with another granddaughter! Freyja Doreen was born on April 11, so I’m also busy right now being ‘Oma’. And now I must get back to snuggling Freyja!

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  1. Ronnie says:

    So glad to hear this good news! I’m guessing this will all end up in a book somewhere…. I also had surgery this winter, the experience going straight into my latest sic fi! Lol! Could you contact me when you are able?

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