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Key ‘Notes’ from Ann-Margret Hovsepain

Highlights from InScribe's 2018 Fall Conference

Ann-Margret Hovsepian, a freelance writer and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec, was the keynote for InScribe’s 2018 Fall Conference. After the weekend was over and feedback came in, many participants felt hers were some of the most meaningful addresses they had heard. She certainly focused on God and using one’s writing for His glory – something that fit very well with our organization’s revised mission statement which reads: “We minister to  writers so they can minister to others”. Her messages were steeped in Biblical truth and she continually brought us back to the point that as Christian writers, no matter what genre we write in, it is our responsibility to represent God well.

Ann-Margret gave three keynote addresses based on the conference theme “The Art of Words” and the key verse from Psalm 45: 1 – “My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the King; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” (NIV) She cleverly dissected this verse into three sections and spoke on each one.

  1. The what: COMMISSION – Tell the truth (My heart is stirred by a noble theme)

2. The how: CRAFT – Be ‘artful’ with our words (My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.)

3. The why: CALLING – For God’s glory (As I recite my verses for the King)

Each one of her addresses was full of humorous anecdotes. Afterward, these sparked lots of conversations around the tables and probably beyond. She quoted the likes of C.S Lewis, Ann Lamont, Pascal, Jocelyn Green, Aesop’s Fables, and many others. Here are some nuggets of wisdom gleaned from her keynotes:

“Journaling is for self expression while publishing is for service.” AM Hovsepian

“Life is a recycling centre – but we can each have our own way of saying it.” Ann Lamont

“Truth is so obscure now a days and lies so well established that we don’t often recognize it.” Pascal

“The terms ‘comfort’ and ‘Uncomfortable” are popular terms… but are not really relevant in relation to the truth.” AM Hovsepian

“Talent and creativity play a part in our writing, but we must be prepared to pursue excellence.  However, excellence and perfection are not the same thing… Don’t let perfection get in the way of your writing. During creation, God said it was ‘good’ but when He made man He said it was ‘very good’. This is because God breathed life into man – we are spiritual beings made in His image. It is a model for us to follow in everything we do. We must raise our efforts from ‘good’ to ‘very good’, while not worrying about ‘perfect’ – because only God is perfect.” AM Hovsepian. (some paraphrasing)

“I don’t have to be ‘thee’ best, but I have to be MY best.” AM Hovsepian

“You don’t have to chop with the sword of truth – you can point with it.” Ann Lamont

“The Lord knows. Be You.” AM Hovsepian

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  1. William Kendall says:

    It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed her presentation!

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