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More Nuggets from Words North

Helen Knott, Jeanette Lynes and more

I have more quotes and nuggets of wisdom from the Words North Conference. Enjoy!

Helen Knott (poet)

“Reclamation of voice – it is our responsibility to be that voice for those who won’t or can’t – it creates ripple effects. Engage outside our communities, too. Dissolve social boundaries.”

“You can fight the path or calling and eventually get pulled back to it, or you can accept it.”

“Spirituality is ingrained – it is so integral that it is part of everything… engage in sacred spaces with other people.”

“Writing is a privilege but it is also a burden at times. We are blessed to create something that will affect people; bring healing; make someone laugh; inspire others…”

“Going inside yourself and then being able to share gives hope.”

Watch this powerful video by Helen Knott as she reads her poem, “Things we taught our daughters”

Jeanette Lynes (poet)

“Return to the things that matter! Our attention is compromised these day by social media and technology… solitude is difficult to find in the 21st century but isolation and loneliness are also on the spectrum; extremes can lead to depression; silence can be madness…”

“The distracted writer is not the productive and growing writer that he/she used to be… Is Social media killing your creativity? Find balance – Don’t be a slave to it! Avoid the destructive mob… You won’t find the solutions you seek – Social Media takes you horizontally across the surface… instead go vertical! Go deep and even out for inspiration! Be attentive listeners to the world…”

“Will Self talks about the ‘tyranny of the virtual’. There is a seductiveness to it… Instead, find your writing community. Emily Dickenson said, ‘The soul selects her own company.'”

Note: Jeanette Lynes was extremely engaging in her talks. These quotes don’t really represent that very well, but most of her cautionary words were tempered with a lot of humour. For example, she talked about some day reading the “Collected ‘likes’ of so-and-so” in reference to social media and what future generations will think of us.


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