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My Mother the Maverick

Dancing the jitterbug in heaven

Mom holding Eliza – April 1990.

Mother’s Day just passed, and as always, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own dear mother, now in heaven for the past 16+ years.

She was a truly vibrant and unique person with an artistic flair and some definite quirks. We have a phrase we use called “The Doreen Method” which basically means, “Wing it!” I blogged about it previously in “The Doreen Method – A Recipe for Life”. I also talked about some of her other legacies, including The Sleepytown Express, in a post called “Passing On the Legacy”

(If you missed reading either of these, I encourage you to take a few minutes. She wasn’t your average “Mom”, especially for that era.)

As an artist, she loved to paint LARGE, often doing murals for various figure skating events,  carnivals, church concerts, and the like. I came across some photos the other day of some paintings she did on an old cabin at Crystal Lake, Sask. These are typical of her style.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the unique person she was. Even in her latter years when she got dementia, I’m sure that same woman was inside dancing the jitterbug! Here’s to the Doreen Method and the amazing legacy you passed down to multiple generations! Love you forever!




  1. Donna Villanyi says:

    I will never forget, auntie Doreen she was a real gem used to love going to visit with her and your dad. Some great memories of my childhood.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Thanks for this Donna!

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