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Renovation Boosts Morale!

How getting help with renos changed my perspective

I’m not going to lie. The past eight months have not been easy. We moved into a “project” house ahead of schedule and have “suffered” the consequences ever since. It’s not easy to keep moving stuff as you try to renovate around it. Somehow, items get unpacked even though they don’t have a permanent home, adding to the confusion. Add work, family, and church responsibilities and it’s hard to stay motivated. It’s enough to make a person feel OVERWHELMED.

Yes, progress was being made, but it seemed so slow that I began to despair. Would it ever be complete? Would it be YEARS rather than MONTHS before we could actually settle in properly? I kept reminding myself to count my blessings – things like having a kitchen sink and a bathroom door, for instance, which were non-existent for quite a while. God was teaching me about patience and gratitude, even if I felt like a reluctant student.

Then… my wonderful sister and brother-in-law swept in for almost three weeks and gave the house – not to mention our morale – a huge boost! This is the third time they’ve come to help us with the project, but it’s the first time we’ve actually been living in it. What a blessing! I now have flooring in my kitchen, not to mention a bathroom door that locks, plus baseboards, trim, and so much more!

Just look at our list! So much got crossed off that it’s almost not worthwhile keeping it!

It has given my husband and me such a huge boost. Yes, there are still projects to be done, but the majority of the work, including the time-consuming finish work, is finished on three of four floors.  Now we can concentrate on the outside work while the sun shines without feeling overwhelmed by the interior.

Here are a few before and after looks.


  1. Jane Park says:

    Wow! Wonderful work Doug & Holly! It looks beautiful and like “home”. You must be enjoying your it, Tract & Gerald. Maybe I should come to visit you !!

  2. Holly Hutchinson says:

    Doug says “It was fun and he was glad to help, not to mention a chance to have a good visit!” Of course I always love my time there getting to squeeze so many babies and “little” people! Love you!
    (And we WILL be back!!)

    1. tracykrauss says:

      I look forward to it. we can’t thank you guys enough!!!

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