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Working with “Shepherd.com” has been a fun experience. I was contacted by them in regard to my book CONSPIRACY OF BONES and invited to contribute to their curated book lists. At first, they asked if I would like to have the book on a list about Africa. That would be fine, of course, since part of the book takes place in Zimbabwe, but I wasn’t sure I could come up with five books I recommended on similar African themes. (That’s the ‘deal’ – provide five recommendations that are based on a similar theme in order to be included on their site.)

After I explained my dilemma, they quickly explained that I could choose any theme I wanted. Now I had something to work with!  In fact, their lists often have “quirky” and long-winded titles, so I came up with this: “The best books with edgy, controversial, or paranormal elements but from a Christian worldview.”

With this list in my head, it was easy to think of five books I LOVE that fit. These include:

Monster by Frank Peretti

Jett: Book 1 in the Descended Series by Dana Pratola

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

The Red Feather by April Gardner

Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

I would love to tell you WHY I chose these books, but that’s also part of the deal. The site has copyright to my explanations. So, I recommend that you head over there to read them yourself! There is no obligation to buy, spend money, or get sucked into anything else, promise! Just good books and curated lists of good books!


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