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Still Nano-ing

This month I am participating in my seventh ‘Nanowrimo’. I tell you this so that you will have some mercy when it comes to me posting on this blog!

For those who don’t know (cause you’ve been in some kind of closet somewhere, or on another planet, or maybe just watching too much TV…) Nanowrimo is short for ‘National Novel Writing Month’ and it happens every November. ‘Wannabe’ and seasoned writers alike sign up to write 50,000 words in thirty days. It sounds daunting at first, but I’ve come to love the fresh sense of enthusiasm I feel each year, not to mention the satisfaction of getting those 50,000 words down. Usually it’s not pretty. (It’s a pretty rough, in fact, but it often does have potential.)

My NEIGHBOURS Series came out of a Nano frenzy, as have several other novels I am in the stages of editing and getting ready to publish. Last year i started on NEIGHBOURS II during nano month but didn’t get it finished, so I am using my time (and 50,000 words) to get that complete, hopefully and ready for publication after Christmas. (A daunting task, I won’t lie, but I’m trying to watch less TV, too.)

So here is to all those ‘nano’ enthusiasts out there! (And to all the potential readers who might benefit.)


My very first Nano badge from 2010!


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