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The Spirituality of Dusting

I like a clean house.

Sometimes, while working full time, I’ve hired a housekeeper to keep things up to snuff if I don’t have time.¬†After I had heart surgery, I was unable to clean for myself at all, so we hired a housekeeper for several months straight.

The first time I did my own dusting again, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Enjoyed dusting, you say? Yes. In fact, I found it rather therapeutic and also surprisingly spiritual.

My husband and I are what could be called ‘collectors’. We’ve collected art, antiques, and interesting knick-knacks from our many moves. As I dusted each item that first time, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the person who gave it to us or where we lived at that time. It brought back many memories and I found myself praying for people I had long forgotten about, or thanking the Lord for certain circumstances and situations.

It’s become a habit. Instead of seeing dusting as a chore, I now try to look forward to it as a way to pray for people and circumstances. Who knew dusting could be good for the soul?

Soapstone carvings and an original print from our time in Churchill, MB

Every picture, knick-knack, and antique has a story.

A German Bible from my husband’s grandfather; a book of poetry by Thomas Moore given to me by my mother dating back to the 1850’s; ironwood carvings from Mexico reminding us of our time at an orphanage there; woven bookmarks from a friend’s missionary trip to Guatemala; northern lights photographs from Churchill, MB and Fort Smith, NWT… and more…


  1. Marnie says:

    You are MUCH more spiritual than me! How do you feel about the tubs and toilets? LOL.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      LOL! Tubs, toilets and vacuuming are far less spiritual!

  2. The soapstone carvings particularly catch my eye.

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