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There is HOPE

even in the midst of racism, intolerance, and violence

Like the majority of those watching the events of the last week or two, I have been shocked, angry, frustrated, and deeply saddened by the way racism and prejudice – those horrible twins – have raised their ugly heads. Add in the vandalism and needless destruction and my heart has felt crushed at times. It would be easy to fall into despair. These times feel like a dark tunnel that is spiralling ever downward.

I realize that my outward caucasian appearance has often protected me from the hatred that many have had to suffer simply because of the colour of their skin. I feel at once grateful and ashamed of this fact, even though on a personal level I have tried to live my life by the simple rule, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” I am surprised and appalled that we still haven’t gotten this right. This is the 21 century! We’re supposed to be beyond this kind of racist behaviour! Yet, there it is in plain sight – the truth that human beings still have the capacity to be cruel and small minded.

I agree that change is necessary, but based on the track record, it is going to take a long time. In fact, I have my doubts at how effective education, legislation, or more programs will be. Hope is not going to be found in governments, science, or humanism. The only real hope for humanity is JESUS.

That’s where real change happens. In the heart. And it starts with one person at a time, no matter your ethnic background. Jesus alone offers peace, and right now we need that kind of miracle across our world.

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