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Unexpected Summer Side Trips

in parts of British Columbia

Last week I took an unscheduled trip to Kamloops, BC when I went with a family member to a health facility there. It was unexpected since we didn’t know the exact dates for admittance until they were upon us, but I was packed and ready to go, so it was no problem. It wasn’t exactly a ‘vacation’ per se, but it was a nice break all the same! It did mean that I didn’t get this post written or scheduled on time, and I even thought about not bothering to write a post this week. It’s summer, right? And who would really care? Probably only me, but I do like to be consistent…

One thing we noticed was the heavy smoke in parts of the province, especially near Kamloops and 100 Mile House. From the photo, you can see the smoke billowing just over the mountain ridge near Kamloops. Near 100 Mile House you could even see a red glow on the other side of the range!

On the way home, we did a little sightseeing. We stopped in historic Barkerville, home of the Cariboo Gold Rush, drove around several of the provincial parks and lakes along the route, and toured the towns of Mackenzie and Wells. My wanderlust kicked in in both Wells and Mackenzie! I jokingly said I wanted to move to both when I was visiting. The old part of Wells is very unique, built haphazardly in a steep valley with cool old buildings and an artsy vibe. I could imagine myself living there as a working artist, but I’m sure reality wouldn’t be quite as romantic as the notion! I was also impressed with Mackenzie because they have a beautiful beach right in town. Good thing Tumbler Ridge is also a very nice place to live or I’d be packing my bags! LOL!

At Mackenzie, BC

This week I have lots on the go as I finish with some final tasks in order to make Divine Appointments Winter Edition available by the end of the month. Enjoy your summer!


  1. Ginny Jaques says:

    You’ve made me want to visit some of these places!

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Sometimes it’s good just to take a bit of extra time and stop in. usually we tend to ‘make progress’ and drive right by!

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