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Women’s Day Reflections

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8. Some years the day has come and gone without notice while other years I’ve participated in local events. One year I helped with an “improv” event and did a workshop on publishing, while another year I was the guest speaker at a women’s day luncheon. It’s always fun to participate. I’ve enjoyed flower arranging, painting, learning relaxation techniques, line dancing, and entrepreneurial workshops… The list is too long to remember everything!

I’m not planning anything special this year, but it got me thinking about some of the special women in my own life. I’ve been blessed with strong mentorships, starting with my own mother and grandmother, (now both gone) but branching beyond to friends and a few spiritual giants.

Gwen, Eva, Heather – I owe a huge debt of gratitude for your example during our early days in ministry. Ruth, Sheila, Marnie, Sandi, Sharon, Marcia… and so many others from InScribe. Thank you for being friends first, but wise women next. Ann, Sylvia, Joan, Lee-Anne, Cheryl, Julie… you are forever friends, no matter how many years or how much time and distance separate us.

To my own daughters, you demonstrate what it means to be strong women, both in terms of character and grace, but also in faith. To my sisters Holly, Jane, & Sandra, you’ve taught me many things and always been there for me. I could go on to mention cousins, friends, and so many more.

The bottom line is this: I have been very blessed in my life with many wonderful mentors and friends who also understand what it means to be a woman. Thank you all!

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