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Work Life Balance…

...during an unexpected move

Summer is typically the time for more relaxation and recreation. Kids are off from school and most people book some vacation time to travel, go camping, or just enjoy the outdoors. Here, where I live, this is especially true since the summer months are precious compared to the long winter we know is coming. Although there are technically four seasons, the reality is more of a 7 to 5 split with cold weather winning out.

I work as an online support teacher and decided to turn off the notifications for my work “zoom chats” for the entire month of July. Even though we are supposed to be “off”, many teachers continue to want to talk about curriculum and student needs. Not that I don’t love my job, but I need a break, too!

My life has been anything but rest and relaxation, however. We sold the house we currently live in and are now scrambling to finish the one we are renovating. Since the real estate market is hot in our town at the moment, my husband thought it was a good idea to throw a “For Sale” sign in the window, even though the other house is far from being ready to move into. Guess what? It sold! Now we are under the gun to get the other house complete by the possession date. Yikes!

I had grandiose plans to spend the summer completing two audiobooks, but with these new developments, I may not meet that goal. (Okay, I’ll be honest. I WON’T meet that goal, but that’s okay.) I still managed to release my FRAYED STRAND series as planned, so I am happy about that!

Of course, we had already made plans to have several visitors over the summer, and July is a heavy birthday month in our family–not to mention surprise twin granddaughters! So all of that has been part of the mix. The good thing about it is that both my husband and I seem to work well under pressure. (He needs external motivation. We’ve been renovating that house for a lot of years already!) I like timelines and a deadline helps me stay productive, so I am in my element and don’t feel worried about not being able to get everything done on time. (It’s why I usually create deadlines for myself when it comes to writing and publishing, even if they are just of my own making.)

Anyway, that is the latest from me as we move into a new month – and closer to our moving date!

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