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is coming to a close

Another year of DIVINE APPOINTMENTS is almost wrapped up. The month of ADAR is coming to a close and this Thursday marks the beginning of another new year according to the Jewish calendar with the first month of NISSAN about to begin. Nissan is an important month in that it contains Passover and the Christian celebration of Easter – probably the most sacred time for both Christians and Jews.

Why should you care?

As I explain in the introduction to my devotional series, DIVINE APPOINTMENTS, just because we don’t HAVE TO follow the festivals and special days as marked out by God in the Old Testament, doesn’t mean we SHOULDN’T. I have found that there is a great blessing in learning about and observing these days. It has been fun and enlightening – and has brought me closer to God.

“In the Old Testament, God gave His people very specific instructions about the days of the week, months, and special feasts throughout the year. While many Jews continue to observe–or at least know about–this schedule of events, many Christians feel that following God’s calendar is not relevant, or that the New Testament did away with these traditions. However, nowhere in scripture does it tell us to ignore the plans that God put in place. In fact, both Jesus and the early church followed the appointed times as laid out by God. One might argue that they did so because they were Jewish, but perhaps we need to be reminded that we have been ‘grafted in’ to that very tree! As a bonus, we are positioning ourselves for God’s blessing when we align ourselves with His timing. It should be our desire to follow God’s plan, not because we have to, but because it is a joy to do so. God is the one who set these timetables in motion, and He did not instruct us to change them. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (from the introduction)

In Acts 17: 26 it says, “And He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation.” (NASB)

The point of observing God’s calendar is not to take up a burden of tradition. We know that this is not necessary for our salvation. Instead, it is a way to celebrate and enhance our heritage as children of God.

I encourage you, dear reader, to follow along as the cycle begins once again!


  1. Sheri says:

    Well said. Thank you, Tracy.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Thank you, Sheri. I appreciate that!

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