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Art Show – Bev Singbeil

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was able to attend my cousin’s art showing while in Saskatchewan in July. Bev Singbeil has always been an artist, but it was wonderful to see so many pieces in one place at one time. She had more than 20 paintings and collages on display.

The show was quite moving in that everything spoke to the same theme: God’s influence on her life. I liked what she said in her bio – that art was a way for her to give voice to her love of her Saviour. It isn’t about selling things or being recognized, but is totally a love relationship between her and Jesus. This certainly came through in every piece and i was genuinely moved and impacted. It’s the same call I feel on my own life as a writer. It’s not about selling books or becoming well known. It’s about voicing the message that I believe God has called me to speak.

The pictures I have included here do not do the work justice. She uses a lot of collage, including bits of broken glass and mirror; the colours are exquisite and vibrant, often with an super shiny epoxy on top; and the brush strokes seem to literally come alive at times. It was so inspiring. Thanks, Bev, for wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is truly beautiful, just like you!


pieces of broken mirror and very painterly brush strokes make this one stand out

familiar imagery but done with a sensitive watercolour-esque technique

She painted this in honour of her daughter in law who was hit by a vehicle while training.

Bev used to do a lot of painting on old saw blades, cream cans and the like

This collage is amazing up close! So much detail!

This series of 4 collages depicts Christ’s life. It is all done with tiny torn pieces of paper and cardboard.


  1. Bev Singbeil says:

    Thank you Tracy! Love you!

  2. Holly Hutchinson says:

    Loved it too!

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