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Book Signing For Three Strand Cord

I recently held a book signing in front of the Fort St John Coles book store. In all honesty, some people might wonder about the value of these events. I did sell some books (a grand total of four!) and got to chat with passers by, but if I didn’t have family in FSJ to visit, it probably wouldn’t be worth my while fiscally.

But is that the point? I don’t think so. Sometimes it is good to have a presence, even without tons of sales. You never know when someone might check out the info on the bookmarks I gave out, or come back to the store at a later date. Also, It gives me something to post on Social Media and even blog about, like I’m doing now!

My view is that publicity – even small bits of it here and there – is always a good thing. I am very grateful to Coles and other book stores for hosting these kinds of events and hope that they will continue to support local authors in the future.

Bonus! My grandkids came to visit ‘Oma’ during the signing!

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