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Lazy Days of Summer?

Whoever said summer was a time for being¬† ‘lazy’ got it all wrong! I recently got back from a summer hiatus to my home province of Saskatchewan and although I had plenty of time to relax with family and friends, I was also kept quite busy.

I travelled to Saskatchewan for my great-nephew’s wedding, and like most family events, it was great to see so many relatives and friends. I was also treated to a few of other unexpected events. For instance, my sister and I went to see the musical Chicago at ‘Regina’s Summer Stage’.



While in my hometown of Mossbank, I went out to see the recently renovated site of the WWII Gunnery. Mossbank was a training facility for the Allied Airforce during the war and there is a lot of cool history that the residents are trying to preserve.


I was particularly excited to visit my cousin’s art show that is currently up in the Assiniboia Library. I was blown away by the beauty of some of the pieces. Of course, I’ve always known she was an artist, but to see so many (20+?) pieces all together like that made me feel proud of her, and even more than that, I was genuinely moved by the emotional quality and sensitivity of her work. Everything spoke to the same theme – the power and grace of her Saviour. Well done, cuz! I plan to post more pictures from BEV SINGBEIL’S art show next time.¬†

On my way home I was able to squeeze in a book signing and also did some library visits. With all the visiting and events I had little time for writing, but then again, that’s what vacation is supposed to be like, right? A chance to get away from the norm.


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