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Frayed Strands

A new mini-series based on characters from THREE STRAND CORD

Yes! I’m about to release a new mini-series based on characters from THREE STRAND CORD, collectively called FRAYED STRANDS.

It all started with last November’s NaNoWriMo project. There were some minor characters from the original series that I felt had more to say. As it turns out, it became a nice neat package of “three” in keeping with the original.

A THREAD OF REVENGE features FBI agent Andy Coates whom we met on two other occasions in both BLOOD TIES and TEMPEST TOSSED. (Ryan O’Toole’s partner) I liked his laid-back vibe, but in Tempest Tossed he actually gets into a pretty dicey situation, almost getting killed. I decided there was more to his story, and I wanted to flesh some of that out. Can he let it go or will his need for revenge get the better of him? Of course, there’s romance, too!

This theme of “vices” seemed to fit the other characters that came to mind as I was writing. (And I wanted to stick to the “three” theme as well, with three separate characters. Closely tied to Andy’s story is Jeremy Leming, whom we also met in Tempest Tossed. He was also an FBI agent, but has the added misfortune of being the nephew to the “bad guy” – not an easy reputation to shake! Add to that, he has for the most part been separated from his indigenous heritage. In order to get away from it all, he travels back to the North West Territories to find himself and maybe get some clarity. However, the bitterness he carries isn’t easily released. See how it plays out in A STRAND OF BITTERNESS(And there’s romance! Just sayin’!)

The final novella in this mini-series, called A CORD OF ENVY, features Tyler Fletcher. We meet him in Tempest Tossed when we hang out with his sister, Anne-Marie Fletcher. (From both BLOOD TIES & TEMPEST TOSSED) Tyler comes across as an all-around nice guy. No worries, not a lot of ambition… except deep down he knows there’s more. When his childhood friend gets into trouble, he realizes he needs to step up his game and be the man God has called him to be. (Did I mention there’s romance?)

All three of these novella-length stories will eventually be put into one collection called FRAYED STRANDSI’m kind of excited to offer more in the series that I’ve come to love. Stay tuned for release dates and more!

In the meantime, I’m still mulling over the mood of the covers. I started with rather dark versions, which I rather like, but then thought they might be too masculine. You can see the darker options below. Comments welcome!



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