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The Author Life

Spinning plates among other things...

Put together my monthly newsletter. Record, edit and upload several “Booktalks”. Connect with other authors for cross-promotions. Sign up for some Bookfunnel summer promotions. Finalize all edits and formatting, and upload all three new novellas for pre-order. Plan a launch campaign. Create memes. Create the paperback book cover and order a proof copy. Update all social media platforms. Update website and add new book pages for all new books. Write this blog post…

These were just some of my “authorly” tasks over the past few days. With so much on my to-do list, I have to wonder when I actually have time to write!

It’s the reality for most authors, especially those who can’t pay a publicist. There are a lot of plates to spin, but for the most part, I’ve come to enjoy many of these aspects of the job. When I think about how much I’ve learned since my first book came out fourteen years ago, I am astounded. I do not consider myself a “techie” person, but I’ve become quite adept at using Scrivener and Vellum (writing and formatting software), Photoshop, Adobe Rush (video editing), just to name a few. I’m getting the hang of Audacity, too, (audiobook recording) although I had to put that on hold since I had Covid in June and my voice sounds like I’m a smoker! Now that school is out for the summer, I am looking forward to even more time spent on my “writing life”.

I mentioned I am taking part in a couple of summer book promotions, so with that in mind, I want to share one that is running from July 1 – 31 called “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” sponsored by Bookfunnel. Click on the link and you will see lots of books for FREE when you sign up for each author’s newsletter. In my case, I am giving away my Christmas short story set in the Yukon called “The Best Blue Christmas”. Check out Christmas in July below!


I’ll be sharing about another Bookfunnel promo mid-month. That one is for Science Fiction. Hooray! Until next week…

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