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For the Love of a Graveyard

Family graveyards...

There is something about a graveyard… I don’t find them at all spooky. Instead, I think they are a fascinating way to reconnect with history. When my own children were small, we made several trips to various cemeteries where relatives rested and took crayon rubbings of each of their gravestones.

Here are some more recent photos. My siblings are pictured here after placing my father’s stone marker next to our Mom’s. We chose to find rocks representative of the farms on which they each grew up and then put a plaque on them, instead of the traditional gravestones. I think they are lovely and very meaningful.

My niece visited Nova Scotia this past summer and found my great grandparents, Alex and Grace MacDonald! How cool!

Finally, many of my husband’s family are buried in what is nicknamed the “Krauss cemetery’. It’s real name is St. Joseph’s, I believe, but since it was on ‘Krauss’ land when it was firts built and there are a lot of Krauss’s buried there, it is still affectionately know by my surname! My husband and I already have our plot – pictured here beside a lot of other Krauss’s!


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