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Interview with Jed Malloy

Neighbours Series II – Keeping Up with the Neighbours has been rolling out for several months and along with that, here is the first in a series of character interviews! Introducing Jed Malloy – the first sibling to appear in series one and the one who ‘started it all’ in series two. Enjoy!

Q: You come from a large family, correct?

A: Ya got that right, b’y! My folks had nine kids in eleven years. Not large by Newfoundland standards but large for anywhere else, I suppose. They’re devout Catholics which explains a few things, I guess. Took ‘em a few tries to figure out what was causin’ things! Just jokes.

Q: What’s the breakdown? Where do you fit in?

A: I gots one sister who’s older than me – Fanny. Then there’s me, Zeb, Mary, Sissy, Bo, Will, Reba and Pip, the youngest. The three older girls are all married and live back in Newfoundland with their families. You shoulda ‘eard Ma calling us in for supper!

Q: When did you decide to move away from Newfoundland to Alberta? Why did you move?

A: Four, maybe five years ago now? There was no work back ‘ome and I got wind of a job in Alberta so I up and made the move. Gotta go where the work is. ‘Alf of the people out west are from Newfoundland, I think. I started in the oil patch but when that didn’t pan out I got on at Titan – the construction company I work for now. They’re pretty good to me. Can’t complain, that’s for sure.

Q: What kind of relationship do you have with your other siblings? Are you close?

A: We’re a pretty tight bunch, I’d say. I love to ‘ate ‘em some of the time, though. That’s the cockeyed thing about family. They gets on your nerves at times but you’ll never find a Malloy who wouldn’t stand up for ‘is kin when it comes down to it. As far at that goes, I’d say Zeb and I are the closest. Always ‘ave been. ‘E’s cleaned my clock a time or two, I’ll ‘ave to admit, but the lummox is the best friend I got in the world, and that’s no lie.

Q: What’s it been like having some of your family come join you?

A: Great, great. Well, at times it’s a bit tryin’ when they’re all underfoot… We been squeezed into my little apartment like sardines, but that’ll change, I reckon, once some of ‘em start findin’ their own way. I’d never turn family out on the street.

Q: What’s your favourite activity? What do you do for fun?

A: Oh, let’s see… I likes to play pool and ‘ang out down at the Urban Cowboy. It’s this retro joint where a guy can ‘ave a cold one and meet up with a buddy or two. I don’t play sports if that’s what you mean! I used to like ‘unting back ‘ome but ‘aven’t ‘ad the opportunity since bein’ in the city.

Q: Would you consider yourself a good person?

A: What kind a question is that? Lard tunderin’! You come-from-aways know ‘ow to ask the dumbest questions I ever ‘eard! I went to Catholic school for my whole education so I guess that counts for something.

Q: Fair enough. Anything else you’d like to tell us?

A: No. This interview ‘as made me thirsty, though. I’m gonna go down to the Urban Cowboy and see if my buddy Lester wants to shoot a game of pool before the night is through.

Q: You mean Lester Tibbett?

A: Course that’s who I mean. Are ya stun? Lester and me live in the same building and work for the same outfit. He’s a real good sort.

Q: We’ve met him previously.

A: Then why the dumb question? Lard of a duck! Anyway, is this ‘ere interview over yet? I’ve developed an awful thirst…

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  1. This is a good way to get a character’s voice across!

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Yes, I did it with the first series and thought I’d try it again. It’s fun!

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