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Interview with Pip Malloy

Here is the fourth character interview with the Malloy family – the clan from Newfoundland who have taken centre stage in Neighbours Series II – Keeping Up With the Neighbours. Meet the baby of the family, Pip Malloy:

Pip Malloy

Q: Pip is an unusual name. Is that your real name or a nickname?

A: A nickname. My real name is Steven, but I don’t think I’ve been called that since the time I whacked down Ma’s peonies with a golf club.

Q: How did you get it?

A: The story goes that Zeb called me ‘Pip-squeak’ when I was a baby and the name ‘Pip’ just stuck. Zeb’s good at that. Making up names for people.

Q: You are the youngest of nine children, correct?

A: That’s right.

Q: Would you say being the baby of the family has spoiled you in any way?

A: Sure. I’d be lying if I said no. It’s not a bad thing, in my books. It definitely has its advantages.

Q: Like what? Can you give us an example?

A: I usually got the last piece of pie if I whined enough! But seriously, I think my parents were a bit more relaxed when it came to me and Reba. I didn’t get a lot of spankings – not that I remember, anyway. Either I blocked them out of my mind, or maybe its cause I could run faster! I guess they were busy and a lot of the time I just tagged along with the older kids so they probably did lots of the ‘parenting’. Things were different then, though. Not like today where kids are pampered. I probably had to be more careful than nowadays or I’d get the tar beat outta me by one of my brothers. I got fussed over a lot by my older sisters, too.

Q: Did they dress you up like a live doll?

A: Pretty sure there are some photos to that effect. I probably blocked that outta my mind, too!

Q: Sounds like you have a close bond with your siblings. What is something that you love most about your family?

A: The fact that we stick together. We’re not perfect, but we stand up for one another when the going gets tough. Sometimes they do try to control my life – get up in my business and all that. I suppose it’s the curse of being the baby. I usually just smile and nod and then do whatever I want anyway.

Q: Who would you say you’re closest to?

A: I’d say Reba except she’s mad at me right now – again. Being the youngest, we tended to hang out more together, and Reba was never a girlie girl, so she had less in common with the other girls her age. She liked to get into mischief, and honestly, so did I. I suppose Jed would be the other one I feel the closest to. He’s sort of like a second father in a lot of ways.

Q: When you said Reba was mad at you, what did you mean?

A: She thinks I wrecked a couple of her friendships. All I did was date a couple of her friends and then when we broke up they wouldn’t talk to her anymore. It’s not my fault if her friends are shallow.

Q: Maybe they just found it embarrassing.

A: I suppose it could be awkward for a while, but honestly, it’s the 21st century. Real friends wouldn’t dump her on account of that. At least that’s what I think. Reba just likes to control people and when she can’t, then she gets upset. Can I help it if girls are naturally attracted to me?

Q: Some might say you think of yourself as a bit of a ladies’ man. “Right cocky,” to quote one of your brothers. Is this true?

A: Haha! Who said that? Jed, I’ll bet. When you’ve got the gift then why not use it? I just like to have a good time and I like girls. You should talk to my brother Zeb about that one. The women seem to flock to him like flies to honey.

Q: What are you currently doing for work?

A: I got a job at the same construction company as Jed – Titan Construction. We’re working on a high-rise project downtown. It’s a good job for now, until I get bored, I guess.

Q: Is that something that happens often? You get bored?

A: Some might say so. (Someone like Jed!) I just don’t see why I should tie myself down to one job – or one person, for that matter. Life’s too short for that.

Q: Is there anyone special in your life?

A: Well, I did get into a bit of trouble with a few ladies here in Calgary. I don’t want to go into the details, but it caused some ruckus. I didn’t mean any harm to anyone by it, though. We were all just having fun, like I said. I did meet this one girl, recently, who stands out as special. She’s from California, though, so I haven’t seen her in a while. I’m hoping that’s gonna change – and soon, if I can figure it.

Q: Thank you for joining me today. Try not to cause too much more ‘ruckus’, if possible!

A: I’ll do my best, but I won’t make any promises. It just seems to follow me around.

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