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Interview with Jed Malloy

jed malloy w borderQ: Hello Jed. You’re from Newfoundland, correct?
A: That’s right, sis. I originally comes from the rock.

Q: What brought you all the way across the country to Alberta?
A: Work, a course. ‘Alf of Newfoundland is out west, don’t ya know, includin’ me own brother Zeb.

Q: Where does he live?
A: Fort Mac – or little Newfoundland, as they say. Thinkin’ about movin’ in with me, though, so ya better look out.

Q: Do you come from a large family?
A: I gots three sisters and five brothers. That’s nine of us in all.

Q: My goodness.
A: That’s small by Newfie standards!

Q: I see. What do you do for work?
A: As little as possible! (That was a joke. Don’t look so worried, b’y!) I works for Titan construction. We’re buildin’ an ‘igh rise downtown.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: That’s easy. I likes to play pool down at that Urban Cowboy. My buddy Lester is gonna enter in one of them bull ridin’ tournaments down there on that mechanical bull they gots. Should be good for a laugh.

Q: I imagine you also enjoy the odd beer with your pool?
A: Ya gots that right, b’y! I’m always in the mood for a cold one!

Q: Do you plan to stay in Calgary or do you hope to move home to Newfoundland someday?
A: That’s a tough one, it is. I been here four years already, and I like it alright, but I do miss the ocean. If some more of me family members moved out west I’d consider stayin’ put.

Q; What about a girlfriend? Would that convince you to stay?
A: A girlfriend? Now if that don’t beat all! Ain’t no woman gonna get her clutches into me and tie me down. Lard thunderin’… no b’y. Not happenin’.

Well, it seems Jed has his mind made up. See what other shenanigans Jed gets into. He appears throughout the series, but has a special surprise in THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD.

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