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Interview with Steve Russell

Q; What do you do for a living?
A: I’m a journalist. I write a column in one of the daily papers.

Q: You make news of other people’s misfortune, is that it?
A: I wouldn’t put it that way. I just try to tell it like it is, and if a local politician, for instance, is doing something he or she shouldn’t be, then I don’t mind alerting the public.

Q: I also heard you may be working on a fairly controversial story – one that could upset a lot of people if the allegations are true.
A: Obviously, I can’t comment on that right now.

Q: Can you at least tell us who is involved? I heard rumours of a local government official, an oil company, and even a construction firm.
A: Afraid not. That would be a breech of trust between myself and my source.

Q: You’re not giving me much, here, are you?
A: It’s the best I can do.

Q: How about your personal life? Is there anyone special?
A: Maybe. What makes you think I’ll tell you anything about my personal life?

Q: I’m the one asking the questions.
A: Sorry. Force of habit.

Q: So?
A: Actually there is someone. Her name is Tamara Spence, but don’t tell her I mentioned her name in this interview or she might freak out. She’s kind of skittish, and I’ve had a hard time convincing her to even talk to me, let alone date me.

Q: My lips are sealed.
A: Then why do I see our picture together at the top of the page?

Trouble is brewing in the neighbourhood – with a capital ‘D’ for danger, and Steve finds himself in the middle of it in SKELETONS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD.


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