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Local Art Show

Two pieces on display

I have two pieces in the annual Peace Liard Regional Juried Art Exhibition, a local art show put on by the Peace Liard Arts Council each year. I try to submit each year, even though I don’t have any expectations of “winning” per se. I like to support local arts and also like the critique. It keeps me doing some visual art, even though it is no longer my major creative outlet.

“White Noise” was inspired by my recent work producing audiobooks. Can you tell?

White Noise

“Tongues of Fire” comes from – you guessed it – the passage in Acts Chapter 2 where the Holy Spirit fell on the believers waiting in the upper room. Actually, this started as me using up leftover paint and cleaning out my brushes. obviously, it morphed into this idea instead.

Tongues of Fire

Supporting local art and artists is one of my passions!

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