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Wind Over Marshdale NEW EDITION

It's official... Wind Over Marshdale and Lone Wolf are brand new!

It wasn’t my choice, but the rights to WIND OVER MARSHDALE and LONE WOLF have reverted back to me. this took place several months ago, but I have just finally found the time to republish them myself under my own imprint, Fictitious Ink.

I appreciate everything Astraea Press/CleanReads did on my behalf. Wind Over Marshdale was published in 2012 after my then agent, Steve Hutson, negotiated a contract with Astraea Press for the book. Then, in 2014, CleanReads (changed from Astraea Press) took on the short sequel, Lone Wolf. Unfortuantely, hard times and changing markets have forced them to close their doors and so both of these books landed back in my hands.

It’s not a bad thing, really, I took over the rights to several of my other books in recent years and have found that I enjoy the freedom to make changes and offer discounts whenever I want. In this case, I did do some light editing–mostly dialogue tags and a few other things to tighten the writing, but essentially, the storylines remain the same.

Another positive outcome is that now, should I ever finish the third book in the series (which has been languishing for some time on my computer) I can make the three into a boxed set. Win!

A major downside is that so far, the reviews that I had managed to gather for both books have not been linked to the new versions yet. I am still working on this, but PLEASE – if you read the books in the past, a quick jaunt to leave even a rating (just a simple click of the stars!) would be HUGE.  Amazon link. 

A Cree man’s faith is tested by ancestral spiritual forces amidst prejudice, a love triangle, and hidden evil in a seemingly quaint small town.

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