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Preparing for Easter

Reading and Reflecting

Easter is coming up this weekend. It is the most significant celebration for Christians, but also a very important time for Jews, Messianic and non-Messianic alike.

Of course, I am referring to Passover. We are now in the first month of the Jewish calendar known as Nissan and the first great festival instituted by God through Moses. Easter and Passover are intricately intertwined since Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection took place during Passover and Jesus is our “Passover lamb”.

The intent of this post is not to give an exhaustive lecture on either, but to simply encourage each one of us to take some time to reflect on the importance of this season in the coming week.

Some suggestions for Easter reading:

EASTER STORIES AND MORE (Published by InScribe Press)

Experience the joys and heartaches of the Easter season as shared by forty talented authors from across Canada. Enjoy Easter stories, poems, reflections, recipes, and images with themes like forgiveness, salvation, grace, and more. We invite you to sit and savor these fictional and real-life treasures. You will be encouraged to reflect on the hope available to each of us during this holy season. May you be as blessed in reading this book as we have been in creating it.”Easter: Stories & More will enhance your understanding of what Jesus has done for us. Enter into the passion week of Christ with these well-written stories, devotionals, and poems.”-Sigmund Brower, Bestselling author


In the Bible, God gave specific instructions about setting apart certain days, weeks, and special celebrations – His appointed times. This daily devotional walks readers through the spring season by following the Jewish months and is the first in this four-volume series. Each day contains a short devotional, scripture, and prayer. While many Jews continue to observe this schedule of events, many Christians feel that it is not relevant, or that the New Testament did away with these traditions. Scripture does not back this up. In fact, both Jesus and the early church followed these appointed times. One might argue that they did so because they were Jewish, but Christians should be reminded that they have been ‘grafted in’ to that very tree! Observing God’s calendar is not the same as taking up a burden of tradition and is not necessary for salvation. Instead, it is a way to celebrate and enhance our heritage as children of God.

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