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Reading and reviewing – why both matter

Why reviews are so important

These days, many people are stuck at home feeling isolated, bored, and anxious. It’s a good time to read a book that’s been languishing on your virtual (or real) shelf. But what about actually taking the time to review that book online? Many people don’t bother, citing ‘time’ as a factor.  Guess what… now you’ve got it!

Why bother writing a review?

Do you ever look at online ratings? I have to admit, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. For instance, I often take ‘stars’ into consideration when booking a hotel or choosing a movie. Restaurants, apps, you name it – everyone asks for a rating these days, so it obviously makes a difference. While I’d probably take a real life recommendation from a friend more seriously than a simple star, online ratings and reviews are a factor when making choices about what to eat, wear, play…

And read. 

Online reviews really are an author’s life blood. It’s what propels books forward in search engines and enables author’s like me to compete with ‘big names’. It adds credibility and even factors into whether I can apply for certain types of advertising. In short, online reviews are valuable beyond what most readers realize in today’s marketplace.

If you’ve read any of my titles, would you consider leaving an online review? The most popular and therefore the most impactful place is Amazon, but goodreads, Kobo, and most other online retailers have a review feature.

I’ve linked two of my titles to Amazon to make it easier to get started. I give Play it Again as a free gift if you sign up for my newsletter and Conspiracy of Bones is currently free on Amazon as well. If you’ve read other books, here is my Amazon Author page link . Or, if you have a goodreads account, you can go there: goodreads

Writing a review doesn’t need to be daunting. You don’t have to be eloquent or long-winded. Just say honestly what you liked about the book. (Or didn’t like, as the case may be… Honestly, truly is the best policy!)

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