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Blood Ties Unboxed

and other pandemic activities

I’m told ‘unboxing videos’ are a thing. I’ve watched a few and while some are entertaining, I just don’t feel like me trying to put together some kind of clever video would be authentic. After all, I counted and I’ve had about twenty-eight ‘unboxings’ to date. I don’t think the ‘screaming in delight’ that I see on many unboxing videos would come cross as the real me. I mean, I think I’m pretty good at acting, but let’s be real, folks… I don’t think I screamed in delight the very first time back in 2009!

In any case, I did take a picture. (Probably another first since I can’t find any other unboxing pictures… Sigh.) I guess I just didn’t think about the potential media hype that the ‘event’ could garner. Or maybe, it’s really not that important!

I mostly rely on online sales, but it is always a good idea to have physical books on hand for events like signings and speaking engagements, or to sell at conferences. I also put books in various stores on consignment. Since none of above applies right now because of the Covid 19 pandemic, this box will we collecting dust with the rest of the stock I currently have on hand!

Here is a photo of my current book stock, neatly tucked under my desk in clear totes so that I can see what’s inside. Unfortunately, I also have a few actual boxes, too, since I ran out of totes. (And room under my desk.)

Besides dusting books, I’m making the best of my alone time these days by moving between various ‘Play Stations’. This is what I’m calling the writing/sewing/painting/piano activities that I’m rotating through during my time in self isolation. Okay, I also admit that I may be watching a bit of Netflix, too… !

How are you keeping busy during this time? 

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