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Refreshed, Reconnected, Re-inspired

At InScribe's Annual Fall Conference

I just got back a few days ago from InScribe’s Annual Fall Conference. (InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship is a Canada-wide organization for Canadian writers of Christian faith.) As expected, I had an amazing time, not only in terms of learning and inspiration but re-connecting with old (and new) friends after two years of having the conference online. It was just so good to see one another face to face and I spent many hours just chatting about life with people.

I also enjoyed the conference on another level because I was totally FREE to take it in without any weight of responsibility. I was on InScribe’s executive for many years, most recently as president, but this year I didn’t have any responsibilities at all other than to learn, visit, and be inspired.

Technically, that isn’t quite true, since I was asked to moderate Thursday evening’s “Author Mixer” which is the usual kick-off event. Authors are invited to share a short piece of writing with the group. (I mean SHORT. A three-minute timer was set for each person reading and we had twenty-ish people want to read.) The joke of the evening was the common phrase when the timer rang: “Just one more paragraph!” Someone said we should make it into a T-shirt for next year! I read from my latest book FRAYED STRANDS.

I almost didn’t feel like going this year because I was exhausted from such a hectic (and harrowing) summer and September, (packing, moving, new grandbabies, traveling for work, and more…) but God knew I needed it. I had already paid the conference fee, my room, and my flight to Edmonton, so of course, I couldn’t back out – and I am so glad! It was so wonderful to reconnect, as I already said, and I was inspired by the workshops, too. Keynote Grace Fox had so much good information to share and her heart for people really came shining through. What an inspiration! I plan to post more about the specifics of her sessions in the future.

I had some other wonderful revelations, too. Over and over I was asked, “How are you feeling?” My response was the same each time. A resounding, “Excellent! I feel so good!” It’s true. I’m not sure when I felt so energized and full of life in recent history. My doctors may say they finally got my cocktail of meds right, or maybe it’s the increased activity over the summer. I can’t help feeling it’s a God thing. I felt like “myself” for the first time in a long time!

I was totally surprised when I won the “Editor’s Choice” Award for my article “I Am (Not) the Judge”, which was published in the summer issue of FellowScript magazine. Since I am no longer on the executive, I wasn’t privy to the award winners ahead of time so it was truly a surprise! I plan to republish it on this blog at a later date once I am allowed to do so. (Writers must wait for several months before they can re-publish articles elsewhere.)

Overall, it was a wonderful, refreshing, inspiring weekend – which I knew it would be, but I think it was extra special because of the long “in-between” we experienced due to Covid restrictions. Thank you to my InScribe family for putting on such a great event!

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  1. So glad you’re back to good health. Thank you for another joyful post.

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