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Thank You Jesus…

A three book series by Darcy Jackson

It has been such a joy for me to help my friend and artist Darcy Jackson publish this very special set of pocket-sized books. The three-book set is made up of small paperbacks each beginning with the phrase, “Thank You Jesus” and contains beautiful original artwork & photography done by the artist along with affirmative phrases and scripture.

It all started when Darcy shared some art she had been working on when her sister became ill with cancer. She’d been playing around with photographs she’d taken and adding affirmative words. She was going to print a few off on a photocopier and share them with some friends. Immediately I knew these could be so much more! As we talked, ideas and inspiration began to flow. I offered to format them into book form and she found scripture to go with each image.

However, the project grew and I decided I’d like to actually publish the first book under my imprint. I own and operate a small publishing company, but I haven’t taken on many new clients lately, mostly because I don’t have the time. There was something special about this book, though, and I felt excited to work on it. So, Thank You Jesus For Transforming My Life, the first book in the series, became a reality. Darcy dedicated it to her sister (who has since died of cancer) and she’s been giving copies away left and right.

I expected that it would end there, but now that the inspiration has been ignited, it’s a growing fire! Book 2 called Thank You Jesus For Being My Saviour came together quickly and went on sale during our evacuation from town. Thank You Jesus For Life Beyond This Life (Book 3) just released last week. I am very excited about these three little books. It has become a ministry for Darcy, and in many ways, I feel like it’s my ministry, too, as I help bring her vision to life. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. We’ve been friends for many years and she is an exceptional artist. In that regard, she reminds me of my own mom and I always feel inspired when I’m around her.

We are currently working on two more books that focus on “I AM” statements for each letter of the alphabet (very cool!) and she has plans to write and illustrate two more sets of three: Thank You Holy Spirit and Thank You Father.

Here is the Amazon blurb:

These inspirational pocketbooks will uplift your day! Simple affirmative statements and accompanying scriptures are paired with lovely illustrations to bring you strength and peace. Makes a beautiful gift for someone you love.

Thank You Jesus For Transforming My Life (Book 1)

Thank You Jesus For Being My Saviour (Book 2)

Thank You Jesus For Life Beyond This Life (Book 3)


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