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July – A time to celebrate!

July is a busy month in my family. It’s  ‘celebration month’, there is no doubt! Beyond Canada Day on July 1, it’s ‘birthday month’ in my family. Four granddaughters, two daughters, a son-in-law, and a brother, not to mention it was also the birthday month for my father and grandmother. In fact, one of my daughters was born on my father’s birthday and they enjoyed that special bond for many years until he passed in 2012.

I blogged about it a couple of times already on this blog with CELEBRATE JULY!  and REMEMBERING THE TRIALS AND TRIUMPHS OF JULY 27.  and WHAT’S IN A NAME? 

Summer is a great time to celebrate, and my family does, especially in July. Enjoy the summer!

Celebrate July



Remembering the Trials and Triumphs of July 27




What’s In a Name?

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