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What do Aliens, Winter, and Bedtime Have in Common?

Three separate books releasing at once!

What do Aliens, Winter, and Bedtime Have in Common?

In fact, I have three separate and very different books releasing!

Wait… What?!

Yes, it’s true. I know, I know… I can’t seem to do things in the traditional way! Let me explain.

My book ALIENS AMONG US is set to release on August 15 as an ebook. The paperback should follow soon after. I am very excited about the book and I hope readers will be, too. It is my first full-length Sci-f novel, my first ever YA book, and my first time writing in the first person present tense… Lots of firsts! I wrote the rough draft last November and it has since gone through many changes since the first revisions and later after beta testing. Even the title changed! It was originally called ALIEN ALLIES, but I think the new title fits the bill much better. You can read more about the book here: ALIENS AMONG US. If you want to be part of my launch team, I have a FB group at: Tracy’s Book Launch Partners. And finally, if you’d like to pre-order before August 15, here is the Amazon link. (It is being sold exclusively on Amazon)

But that’s not all! The WINTER edition of my devotional series is now available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover. Yes, WINTER is now available during the summer! That means all four books in the series are now out there! When the SPRING edition was released, some people were disappointed that the rest of the series wasn’t immediately available. Well, wait no longer! You can get all four books in all three formats. They will make a great Christmas gift if I do say so – it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping! The next and final step is to make all four books available as one omnibus. This will be too thick for print books, but that is going to be made available in the near future as a complete ebook. You can see more about the Winter version here.  (Including all purchasing links.)

But that’s STILL not all! I decided to republish a version of my children’s book THE SLEEPYTOWN EXPRESS, based on Haven Gillespie’s classic song, with a BLUE cover! It is the same book, with the same illustrations inside, but with a different cover more suitable for boys. Now, before anyone gets offended, let me explain. The original cover is pink – very pink – reflecting the colour of the fantastical sky I used for the illustrations. It turns out people like to give the book away as baby gifts, and while many don’t mind giving a pink book to a boy, a few mentioned that they’d love to see it in a different colour. I know that these days we try not to genderize colours like we used to, but I get it. Pink and blue are still the preferred colours for little girls and little boys. And so… THE SLEEPYTOWN EXPRESS – BLUE EDITION was born! More details here: BLUE EDITION.

So that’s it. My crazy three-fold release! Feel free to pop by any of them and leave a review! 🙂

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