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Reflecting on the year that was…

2022 Recap

2022. What a year! For me, personally, it has been one of many changes.

Moving and Renos

We made an unexpected move to a different house when the house we lived in for fourteen years was sold. The housing market was brisk in our town, so my husband got the bright idea to put a sign in the window. We sold the house almost immediately. Even though I was not prepared, I’ve got to trust it was God’s timing. We owned another property across the street which we had been SLOWLY renovating, so it was nice not to have to pay for two houses. However, the “new to us” house was far from move-in ready.

By the time September rolled around, it was livable, if not finished. And thus began the grand shuffle as we try to finish rooms, lay flooring, and do plumbing and electrical, all with our stuff piled around. It is a work in progress, and while I don’t recommend it to anyone, I am grateful for the progress that is being made, ever so slowly.

Family Additions

2022 marked the addition of three new granddaughters! Surprise twins were born to one daughter at the end of July and another addition came in September. We now have ten grandchildren ranging in age from nine to infant. We feel so blessed! I wrote a blog post for InScribe about some of these changes.


I went from no traveling for the past couple of years to what felt like too many trips!

Writers’ conferences, teachers’ conventions, and a Grey Cup game all required flights and stops in airports. Plus, my husband and I are going on a little road trip up the Alaska Highway at the end of this month for our fortieth anniversary.


Of course, I can’t forget about my writing in 2022. I managed to publish three novellas and a collection of the same over the summer months. (While packing and moving. It was a bit crazy…) Frayed Strands includes A Thread of Revenge, A Strand of Bitterness, and A Cord of Envy. (You can check out their individual pages.) I also wrote the rough draft for a Christmas story based on characters from my NEIGHBOURS Series.

Earlier in the year, I republished My Mother the Man-Eater in both ebook and paperback and it managed to get on some best-seller lists. I had high hopes to do the audiobook as well, but that didn’t work out, partly due to my unrealistic expectations and then my move.

Last, but not least, I received the rights back for both WIND OVER MARSHDALE and LONE WOLF. I had not intended to republish them myself, but the publisher closed its doors so I had little choice. I’m happy with the outcome, though, since it means I can possibly write a third book, which has been my intent for some time now.



So, what’s in store for 2023? That, my friend, is a story for another day! In the meantime, God bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


  1. Gwen Stickel says:

    I love your updates and photos! Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful trip North! Love you both!

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Thank you Gwen! It was so wonderful to reconnect with you recently. God bless.

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